Fram med ordboken, för det bjuds på en intervju av det amerikanska märket Mjölk

I slutet av förra året så fastande jag för märket mjölk och skrev ett inlägg om detta här, nu har jag som utlovat rotat lite kring märket och fick kontakt med Emily som ställde upp på att svara på några frågor

Tell us a little about the brand, when did you started? What do you want to convey through your clothes?
Our designer Lars Stoten started creating full Mjölk collections in 2004. It was a natural step, motivated by Lars’ ancestry, upbringing, and education, all of which center around garment construction, tailoring, and design. Our collections convey this personal history, balanced by a modern sense of line, proportion, and palette.
What style would you say that your clothes reflect? And tell me about a scenario where you think your clothes belong (with best mates with a beer in your hand or in the office, etc.)
We don’t like to confine our clothing to a particular reflection of style. People wearing what they love and care for, garments with a personal meaning behind them, that embodies true style.

If anyone is interested in buying your clothes, is it possible to do it somewhere in Sweden?
We are launching an online store in the very near future available to customers worldwide, with intentions to open a storefront in New York within the year.
Finally, is there anything you can reveal about the upcoming collection?
As always there is an intense focus on construction, line, fit, and proportion. Winter is always an exciting season because there is such opportunity to juxtapose textures, layering, and unusual shapes.

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